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TSMC to start buying water via water trucks
Posted on 2021-02-23 17:07:04
Facing an ongoing drought, some high-tech companies have taken emergency

T-S-M-C says it started using 20-ton water trucks to buy water today for some
of its plants in the center and south.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company says getting water this way
increases cost, but their top priority is keeping operations at a normal

Another leading chipmaker U-M-C says while it has yet to buy water, the
company is making necessary preparations.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs decided to reduce water supply to Jia-yi and
Tai-nan starting Thursday, saying that industrial users there must reduce
their consumption by 7-percent as well.

In Xin-zhu, Miao-li and Tai-zhong, industrial consumers were instructed to
cut their water usage by 11-percent.


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