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TV celebrity Huang Hong-sheng died
Posted on 2020-09-16 19:12:12
TV celebrity and movie actor Huang Hong-sheng has died abruptly.

He was 36.

Huang's father found him on the floor outside the bathroom this morning with
a small amount of blood from his nose and mouth.

Taipei police say Huang returned home last night, and no drugs or alcohol
were found on-site.

Police are still investigating the cause of death, though some media reports
claim he slipped and fell.

Huang, nicknamed "Little Ghost," started his career 19 years ago as a singer
and became a TV show host in 2005.

He rose steadily to fame with his roles in TV dramas and movies such as "Din
Tao: Leader of the Parade."

Many of his peers in the entertainment business have left messages of
condolence on his Facebook.


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