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Quarantined British woman not 'incarcerated': Taiwan officials
Posted on 2020-03-27 07:31:12
Taiwan government officials say a British woman who is in quarantine in
Taiwan due to coronavirus control measures has not been "incarcerated," as
has been reported by the BBC.

At a press conference, Hualien County Health officials say the woman along
with her Australian partner, are in quarantine at a facility in Hualien,
which was once a school dormitory.

Officials say the couple was asked to self-quarantine shortly after they
arrived in Taiwan on March 14th.

However, they could not afford the cost of staying at their hotel for an
extended period, so they were taken to the former school dorm.

There, they each pay $250 NT per day for three meals.

Chu said he was surprised to see the BBC report, which quoted the woman's
mother as saying that her daughter and partner had been separated and


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