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KMT's By-election of Chairman on March 7
Posted on 2020-01-14 19:13:13
The KMT's Central Standing Committee will approve chairman Wu Dun-yi's
resignation tomorrow and hold a by-election on March 7th.

Wu has said that he and other high-ranking party officials will resign to
take the responsibility for the crushing Jan. 11 election defeat.

Based on the KMT charter, party members who have served on the Central
Committee and collected 3-percent of KMT members' signatures will be eligible
for the chairperson by-election.

The party will review the signatures collected by potential candidates and
confirm who can actually join the race on Feb. 7th.

The Central Standing Committee will be dissolved as well and then re-elected
in February.

There have been waves of criticism targeting the opposition party with many
saying that it will be doomed if no changes are made quickly.

The KMT candidate only won 38.6-percent of the votes in the presidential
election, compared with the DPP's 57-percent, and gained 38 legislative
seats in the 113-seat Legislative Yuan.


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