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DPP Vows to Combat Vote Bribery
Posted on 2019-12-03 15:05:13
The DPP is calling on everybody to join the effort to combat vote buying and
fake news.

Former Justice Minister Qiu Tai-san says there are not enough prosecutors to
handle this task on their own, and that the general public should all help

Qiu adds the Ministry of Justice and the Supreme Prosecutors Office have
posted a cash reward of $15 million NT for whistle blowers who report on vote
buying for the presidential election and $10 million NT for legislative

He says vote buying may take many forms, including online gambling or
monetary exchange for goods or services.

Regarding fake news, DPP spokesman Li Yan-rong says people should take a
screenshot of any suspicious reports, copy the account of the person who
posted or shared the news, and pass that information to the DPP for

Meanwhile, the opposition KMT is criticizing the ruling party as using these
measures to intimidate people.


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