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7 Hong Kong Pro-democracy Lawmakers Detained or Face Arrest
Posted on 2019-11-09 13:54:13
Seven Hong Kong pro-democracy lawmakers have either been detained or face
arrest today, in a move expected to escalate public fury a day after the
death of a student linked to months of anti-government protests.

A police statement said three of the lawmakers had been detained and charged
today with obstructing the local assembly during a raucous May 11 meeting
over a now-shelved China extradition bill that sparked five months of
protests calling for democratic reforms.

The others received summons to turn up at police stations today to face

Pro-democracy lawmakers slammed the government clampdown as a calculated move
to provoke more violence as an excuse to postpone or cancel Nov. 24 district
elections. The elections are low-level polls viewed as a barometer of public

Anger has deepened against the police after Friday's death of a 22-year-old
who fell off a parking garage after police fired tear gas during recent

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