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1pm Traffic Conditions Update
Posted on 2019-10-10 13:06:13
Traffic on Taiwan's highways has started to ease up on this first day of the
Double Ten Day long weekend.

According to the Ministry of Transportation, the worst congestion is
eastbound on highway 5 connecting Taipei with Yilan, where average speeds
have dropped to less than 20 kilometers per hour in some stretches.

Highways 1 and 3 soutward out of the capital have mostly cleared up from this
morning and are moving relatively smoothly, although the northbound lanes of
highway 1 going from Taipei to Keelung are still seeing a few patches of
serious traffic.

Further south, the rest of Taiwan's highways seem to have cleared most of the
traffic as well, though there are a few areas with congestion moving below 40
kilometers per hour heading south out of Taichung.

The road connecting Su-ao with Hualien on the east coast has also seen heavy
traffic today, the first day of the 4-day holiday.


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