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Han Guo-yu's National Policy Advisors
Posted on 2019-09-11 17:06:13
The number of campaign advisors for Han Guo-yu is on the rise.

Chief policy advisor Simon Zhang says the group has now expanded to include
experts on sports, tourism, Hakka affairs, and indigenous affairs.

Zhang says the KMT presidential nominee plans to enhance the general public's
athletic skills and hold more international sports events here in Taiwan.

For tourism, Zhang says advisors have already proposed innovative policies
that they believe will propel the tourism industry from its current sagging

Zhang has also formed teams for Hakka and indigenous affairs, with these
groups' total population standing at 4.8 million.

He notes that the entire advisory group of some 200 experts has met many
times to go over concrete and feasible policies for Han in the hope of
helping him build an efficient government after the January election.


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