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HK Students in Taiwan Urge Tsai to Take Action on Extradition Bill
Posted on 2019-06-13 18:16:18
Ten Taiwan-based Hong Kong students are urging the president to take action
on an extradition bill to China.

They delivered a petition to the Presidential Office today after violence
erupted during protests in Hong Kong yesterday.

The petition called on President Tsai Ing-wen to take concrete action to
support human rights protection in the region.

A Hong Kong student representative acknowledged Tsai has on multiple
occasions expressed her support for those Hong Kong people who had taken to
the streets to reject the controversial bill.

But the sudents hope her administration can incorporate a "human rights
screening mechanism" into local regulations governing the immigration of Hong
Kong and Macau nationals and subjecting civil servants and police who have
taken part in the crackdown on protesters to stricter screening rules.

Another Hong Kong student in the crowd told CNA that the reason why many Hong
Kong students in Taiwan are coming out to protest the bill is because it
stands to threaten Hong Kong's core values of freedom and the rule of law.


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