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US Pulls Out of Christchurch Call Pledge
Posted on 2019-05-16 12:28:16
The White House is not endorsing a global pledge to step up efforts to keep
internet platforms from being used to spread hate, organize extremist groups
and broadcast attacks.

The statement came after World leaders led by French President Emmanuel
Macron and executives from Facebook, Google, Twitter and other tech companies
gathered in Paris to compile a set of guidelines dubbed the ``Christchurch

The call was adopted by U.S. tech companies that also included Amazon,
Microsoft and YouTube, along with France's Qwant and DailyMotion, and the
Wikimedia Foundation.

Countries backing France and New Zealand were Britain, Canada, Ireland,
Jordan, Norway, Senegal, Indonesia and the European Union's executive body.

Several other countries not present at the meeting added their endorsement.

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