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Taipei Dome Woes
Posted on 2019-05-16 12:28:13
Farglory Corporation, Taipei Dome's contractor, has suffered another setback
with the project.

Taipei city's Urban Development officials have again returned Farglory's
disaster prevention plan for the Dome, leaving its future uncertain.

Officials say the company's fire safety plan and evacuation simulations are
not up to par, reasons that they used when returning Farglory's application
two months ago.

The company says it will resubmit the plan but did not say when.

Early this month the Taipei Supreme Adminstrative Court found Taipei Mayor Ko
Wen-zhe's ordering Farglory to halt all construction work for Taipei Dome in
May, 2015 reasonable, meaning the company now must apply to change the
project's building license.

Before that can be granted, it has to pass the evaluations by Urban
Development officials and the environmental impact committee.

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