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Draft Bills For and Against Same-Sex Marriage
Posted on 2019-03-15 17:05:13
The legislature will soon start debating bills in favor of and opposed to
same-sex marriage.

With the KMT-proposed anti-same sex marriage draft bill being sent directly
to a second reading today, the battle between civil groups supporting and
opposing the idea has officially moved into the Legislative Yuan.

Called the Enforcement Act of Referendum No. 12, the KMT draft seeks to limit
the use of words such as “marriage” and "spouse" to opposite-sex couples,
and raise the age of marital consent between same-sex partners to 20.

Signatories include 20 KMT and six DPP legislators.

The anti-gay marriage Happiness of the Next Generation Alliance says its
members are angry about the Cabinet-proposed draft titled the "Enforcement
Act of Judicial Yuan Interpretation No. 748" as they say it clearly runs
against the result of the November 24 referendums.

That draft, which will legalize same-sex marriage, was also sent directly to
a second reading by lawmakers last week.

The chairman of the Alliance is urging the Legislature to take a close look
at both bills, review them article by article, and make the right decision
based on their conscience.


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