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Investors Bearish on Taiex
Posted on 2018-08-10 19:27:13
Investors are not too optimistic about the performance of Taiwan's market.

With the ever-growing trade war between the US and China and the imposition
of US economic sanctions on Russia and Iran, they suspect volatility on the
local Taiex and have seen a small decline in the market over the past 6

What is most threatening to the local bourse is the proposed tariffs on
16-billion US dollars worth of trade that the US and China say they will
impose on each others imports.

Another concern is if the US doesn't lift sanctions against the Kremlin, then
Russia's aluminum industry will stop production in September, limiting supply
and increasing the price of raw materials.

Recent industry reports show the Taiex mostly consolidating in a relatively
tight range, but many stocks have been falling more than they have been


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