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Three New Party members indicted for collusion with China
Posted on 2018-06-14 09:23:13
Three members of the New Party's youth committee have been indicted on
charges of violating the National Security Act and of colluding with a
convicted Chinese spy.

The Taipei District Prosecutors' Office says New Party spokesman Wang
Bing-chong and two other members, Lin Ming-cheng and Hou Han-ting, have been
involved in organizing spy networks for China in Taiwan in collusion with
Zhou Hong-xu.

Zhou is currently serving a 14-month prison term after being convicted of
breaching the National Security Act in September of 2017 for attempting to
recruit spies for Beijing here in Taiwan.

Prosecutors say Zhou and the three New Party members became acquainted in May
of 2014 and were asked by officials at China's Taiwan Affairs Office to set
up pro-Beijing groups at local universities and collect of intelligence on
Taiwan's military.

Wang's father, Wang Jin-bu, has also been indicted on charges of seeking to
undermine national security and public order.

All four suspects have all been banned from leaving the country.

However, Wang is denying the charges and is claiming he's being framed by the

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