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Air Force plays down reports its seeking more advanced jet fighters from US
Posted on 2018-02-14 08:25:13
The Air Force is playing down reports it is actively seeking to purchase F-15
or F-18 fighter aircraft from the U-S, saying only that plans to bolster
defense capabilities depend on present combat needs and perceived future

The statement follows reports the Ministry of Defense is planning to but the
aircraft in order to better counter the threat posed by China's Russia-made
Sukhoi Su-30 fighter aircraft.

Reports have claimed Taiwan and U-S defense officials have held discussions
about the purchase.

And the possible sale of several models including the F-15 C/D, the F-15
2040c, the F-18E/F and the F-18XT have all been mentioned in those talks.

However, the Air Force is refusing to either confirm nor deny those reports -
with a defense ministry spokesman saying only that the armed forces is always
seeking to upgrade its capabilities with the newest technology.

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