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TaiPower on electricity bill
Posted on 2017-12-07 19:42:13
State-run Taiwan Power says electricity bills could go up after switching
part of the Tai-zhong coal-fired power plant to natural gas.

TaiPower chairman Yang Wei-fu says while it's up to the Electricity Rate
Review Committee to decide on electricity prices, he expects the changes will
affect his company's pricing scheme.

Yang says to make up for the reduction in power generation at the Taizhong
power plant, they must install natural-gas generators, a process that needs
to be complete by the end of 2023 as promised by Premier William Lai, two
years ahead of the original schedule.

This will be a tough task for TaiPower, and Yang says natural gas is not
necessarily environmentally friendly and that they may still run into
problems with the Air Pollution Control Act.

The Tai-zhong city government last month ordered the power plant to cut its
coal usage by 24-percent, effective in February next year.


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