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Presidential office on transitional justice
Posted on 2017-12-07 19:42:13
The Presidential Office has refuted media reports that all roads, schools,
and parks bearing the name "Zhong-zheng" have to be renamed, calling them
"intentional distortion of the law."

Presidential spokesman Lin Ho-ming says certain people have spread news that
the government is ready to get rid of former President Chiang Kai-shek's
official name and even cast new one-NT-dollar coins, but he says this is not

Lin says under the newly passed Transitional Justice Promotion Act, top
priorities should be clarifying the truth regarding historic events during
the designated "authoritarian period" and restoring rights to the victims.

Noting that the whole point of the new bill is about reconciliation instead
of conflict, Lin urges people not to "instigate hatred and create

Another presidential spokesman Huang Chong-yan also points out that there are
many ways to remove symbols of authoritarian regime, which is stipulated in
the bill, and name change is just one of them.


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