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Hundreds of veterans and families protested
Posted on 2017-11-14 19:16:13
Hundreds of veterans march to the Presidential office today in their second
day of protests against a pension reform plan proposed by the government.

The protesters, gathered by the civil group named "800 Warriors," demand that
any military pension reform plan be consistent with the principles of "trust
and protection" and "non-retroactivity" in determining pensions.

The National Pension Reform Committee reportedly planned to release the
proposal this morning that would set the minimum pension for retired soldiers
at 32-thousand 160 NT a month, the same as civil servants, but it has been

KMT chairman Wu Dun-yi and several lawmakers have joined the protests to show
their support and urge the Tsai administration not to trample on military
personnel's dignity and retired life.

Wu also describes the earlier pension reform plans for civil servants and
teachers as well as the current one for military personnel as "crude and
destructive," saying the government should completely change its way of
tackling the matter.

In response, the Presidential office reiterates that the new pension system
that the government designs for the military is carefully done with the aim
of taking good care of their lives.


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