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Tsai admin. to set up US$3.5 billion fund for New Southbound Policy
Posted on 2017-10-12 08:19:13
President Tsai Ing-wen says the government will establish a 3.5-billion U-S
dollar fund to help countries covered by the New Southbound Policy.

The funds will be used for infrastructure and major development projects.

Tsai made the monetary pledge during her opening address at the Yu-Shan Forum
- which began Wednesday in Taipei.

According to Tsai, one of her highest priorities is to redefine Taiwan's role
in the region and to ensure that Taiwan works to deepen and broaden its
presence in South and Southeast Asia.

The Yu-Shan Forum is sponsored by the government-affiliated Prospect
Foundation and is aimed at promoting the New Southbound Policy.

Participants in the forum come from over 20 countries and they include former
high-ranking government officials from the Philippines, South Korea,
Indonesian, Thailand and Japan.

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