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Taiwan could grant Philippine passport holders visa-free entry in October
Posted on 2017-09-14 10:49:14
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says the government is considering granting
Philippine passport holders visa-free entry to Taiwan as early as next month.

According to ministry officials the new policy will be discussed either today
or tomorrow at a inter-ministerial meeting of officials from national
security, police, immigration and other government agencies

If details regarding to the implementation of the policy are finalized during
the meeting, the new visa-free entry rules could come into effect in October.

Officials in May announced the government was postponing a plan to grant
Philippine nationals visa-free entry starting in June, citing the need to
"complete relevant administrative procedures and inter-agency coordination."

The government has been stepping-up moves to grant passport holders of
Southeast Asian country's visa-free entry as part of its New Southbound

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