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Tainted oil seller sentenced to 22-years
Posted on 2017-09-14 10:49:13
The Supreme Court has upheld a lower court ruling sentencing substandard
edible oil seller Yue Wen-xiang to 22-years in prison, five of which can be
commuted to fines.

The chairman of the Chang Guan company was sentenced to 20-years in July of
2015 by the Pingtung District Court for violating the Act Governing Food
Safety and Sanitation.

He appealed that ruling, and in August of 2016, the Gaoxiong High Court ruled
that in addition to breaking the food safety laws, Yeh had defrauded 285
businesses who unknowingly used the tainted oil in food products and
sentenced Yeh to 23-years in prison.

The Supreme Court Wednesday also upheld the sentence of Chang Guan's deputy
general manager, Dai Qi-chuan who was given an 18-year jail term, four of
which are commutable to fines.

Both sentences are final and cannot be appealed.

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