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Court orders train explosion suspect to pay compensation
Posted on 2017-08-12 16:10:13
The Taipei District Court on Friday ordered Lin Ying-chang, who was found
guilty of setting off an explosion in a train in Taipei last year, to pay
NT$6.83 million (US$235,500) in compensation to those affected by the blast.

The court asked that he pay the compensation to the people injured in the
explosion as well as to the Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) for damage
to the train and revenue losses.

During the district court hearing, Lin said he had no opinion on whatever
the court decided, but he wanted to apologize to the victims of the explosion
and the TRA for his actions.

Lin was sentenced by the Taiwan High Court last week to 29 years and 10
months for attempted murder for detonating a homemade explosive device on a
commuter train as it was pulling into Songshan Railway Station late on the
night of July 7, 2016.

The incident left 25 injured, including himself.

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