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President Tsai reaffirms determination to achieve judicial reform
Posted on 2017-08-12 16:10:13
President Tsai Ing-wen said today that the government will continue its
efforts to enact sweeping judicial reform in Taiwan.

Addressing a national conference on the subject at the Presidential Office,
Tsai said judicial reform has been a priority for her DPP administration
since she took office in May 2016.

Tsai said, however, that she fully understood the differences of opinion on
the issue and she promised that her government would respect all views.

Conflicting opinions on the type and pace of such reforms are common in a
democracy like Taiwan, Tsai said, adding that it will take time for the
society to realize the importance of reforming the nation's judicial system.

Today's meeting was the conclusion of a 10-month series of conferences on
how to implement judicial reform in Taiwan.

The effort is being led by a Presidential Office reform committee that was
convened by Tsai last year to seek public opinion on the issue.

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