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Tai-Power sees losses top NT$100 billion
Posted on 2017-07-17 09:14:13
Tai-Power lost nearly 7.1-billion N-T in the first half of the year --
pushing the company's accumulated losses to above 100-billion N-T.

The state-generator posted the biggest gains of any of the island's state-run
companies in 2016 - with a surplus of 39.6-billion N-T.

However, it was the only state-run enterprise to not report a profit in the
first six months of 2017.

According to Tai-Power, it lost nearly 10-billion N-T in revenue in the
first six months because of the 9.56-per cent cut in electricity rates that
took effect in April of 2016.

The state-generator says it was also forced to buy extra fuel oil and
natural gas to make up for a power deficit related to reactor shutdowns and
maintenance at its nuclear power plants.

That added 12.87 billion N-T to the company's costs.

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