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DPP expects to pass infrastructure bill this week
Posted on 2017-07-03 09:41:13
The D-P-P is seeking to push through the government's "forward-looking
infrastructure development plan" this next week - as lawmakers are set for a
third reading of a set of special provisions.

The bills are aimed at setting a budget for the infrastructure proposal.

The Cabinet says lawmakers are expected to decide on a proposal for four
categories to be added to the infrastructure plan and a special budget for
implementation of the development program by Wednesday.

D-P-P lawmakers expressed their confidence in passing the bills during a
meeting with Premier Lin Chuan on June 29 - and party officials say the
special legislation will likely clear the legislative floor on Wednesday.

Cabinet spokesman Hsu Guo-yong says the government is adding the four
categories with support from the D-P-P - and these
include measures designed to address the issues of food safety, low
fertility, youth employment and talent cultivation.

The Executive Yuan introduced the plan in March, aiming to push for
infrastructure construction in order to stimulate the local economy.

The government says it will spend 882-billion N-T over eight years.

The projects cover light rail construction, digital infrastructure
construction, green energy infrastructure construction, water resources
infrastructure construction, and urban-rural infrastructure construction.

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