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Hehuanshan Introduces Parking Fees to Tackle Illegal Parking
Posted on 2024-04-03 18:10:13
Starting April 4th, Hehuanshan's Kunyang, Wuling, and Hehuanshan parking lots
will implement a new charging scheme to combat long-term illegal parking

Managed by the Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency, Nantou Division, the
rates for cars will be 50 NT per hour on weekdays and 60 NT on weekends and
holidays, capping at 300 NT per day.

Motorcycles will be charged 20 NT per entry.

The initiative, approved by the Nantou County Government, includes a
15-minute free exit buffer.

In alignment with the Hehuanshan Dark Sky Park requirements, parking lot
designs have integrated light pollution mitigation measures.

As the azalea blooming season approaches, the Nantou Division urges visitors
to check road conditions and adhere to traffic laws to ensure safety and
smooth travel.


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