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COVID & Taiwan — ICRT Cares for You
Posted on 2021-05-31 10:25:19
As you can imagine, all medical professionals, doctors, nurses, EMTs, ambulance drivers and so on are under massive strain right now as our frontline against COVID-19.
If you’re able to, there are ways to support them, and you don’t even need to leave the house.
Contribute to an amazing charity, like the Taiwan Critical Nurses Association that provides support to critical care nurses.
Or donate to a hospital or medical institution so they have the equipment and capabilities to continue to provide screening, testing, and treatment.
Many local governments are also accepting donations to stay on top of the outbreak. Check your local government website or visit the ICRT website where we’ll list a number of worthy causes.
Here are some worthy causes that need your help at this time.  
1. Lend a hand to help the battle against COVID-19 in Taipei City
Department of Social Welfare, Taipei City Government
2. Help get food, emergency supplies and relief funds to needy people during COVID
基督教芥菜種會 The Mustard Seed Mission
3. Don’t forget our four-legged friends, and pet care during COVID
Taiwan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

4. Provide needed face masks and other supplies to New Taipei City

Social Welfare Department, New Taipei City Government


5. Recent COVID cases, and pandemic control steps, have had significant impact on homeless people


6. Migrant workers must confront COVID while struggling in a foreign land — they deserve our assistance


7. Distant learning is the key during the pandemic, but did you know many families have no internet or computers for their children to use?  World Vision wants to change that. 

台灣世界展望會 World Vision Taiwan


8. MacKay Memorial Hospital is one of Taiwan’s oldest, and largest medical centers — the pandemic is putting a strain on hospitals, which all need personal protection


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