tutorJr 青少年兒課程專線:0800-30-30-30

[ Event Details ]

TutorJr and ICRT are teaming up and they want you to be their tutorJr English DJ! You can get hands-on experience of being a DJ and the radio production process. In the preliminary round 30 qualifiers will be selected. With the help from a tutorJr professional advisor and an ICRT DJ, participating children will learn how to confidently express themselves in English. Children will stimulate their creativity and imagination, and enhance their interest in learning English. They’ll gain valuable experience from the activities.

Main Organizer:
Media Organizer:

  1. Elementary School: 3rd to 6th grade (9 – 12 years old)
  2. Middle School: 1st to 3rd year (13 – 15 years old)

◎ Every participant is limited to one group. ◎

How to Register and Enter Submissions: Sign up on event page.

Event Schedule:
  1. Submission Period: 9/1 (Fri.) – 10/2 (Mon.)
  2. Preliminary Round: 10/3 (Tue.) – 10/5 (Thu.)
  3. Finalists Announced: 10/6 (Fri.)
  4. Competition Camp: 10/14 (Sat.)
  5. T-Space – Final Round: 10/21 (Sat.)
  6. Champion Exclusive Activity: 10/28 (Sat.)

I. Submissions and Preliminary Round
  1. Submission Period: 9/1 (Fri.) – 10/2 (Mon.)
    Participants are required to submit a 60-100 second audio clip -> Fill out the registration form on the event webpage. -> Send your 60-100second audio file to tutorjr@icrt.com.tw to complete your registration.
  2. Audio clip content: ① Self-introduction ② Why do you want to be a DJ? ③ Who is your favorite singer? (60-100 seconds long. Must all be in English. No exceptions.)
  3. Preliminary Round: 10/3 (Tue.) – 10/5 (Thu.)
  4. Preliminary Round Process: tutorJr and ICRT DJs will form a panel of judges and select participants.
  5. Preliminary Criteria: fluency, correct word usage, speech Clarity
  6. Preliminary Results: 15 people will be selected from each group. The results will be posted on the event webpage on 10/6 (Fri.)

II. Experience DJ Camp
  1. Participants: 15 elementary school students and 15 middle school students (total: 30 participants)
  2. Date: 10/14
  3. Time: 1:30 – 4:00 PM
  4. Where: ICRT (19-5F, No. 5, Sec. 3, New Taipei Blvd., Xinzhuang District, New Taipei City)
  5. Event Theme:
    • 【ICRT Station Tour】Tour ICRT and get hands-on experience on what it takes to make a radio station work. Learn about the recording process, broadcasting news and what exactly a DJ does. Every participant can try their hand at voice work and news reports, and take home the work they’ve produced.
    • 【DJ Course】Take a crash course in DJing and learn the skills you need to be a professional DJ. Plus, a specially-trained tutorJr lecturer will give you tips on English performance skills.
    • 【Production Process】Tour the production department and learn about broadcast advertising, and how commercials are made from start to finish by combining special effects and interesting production processes.

III. Finals
  1. Date: 10/21
  2. Time: 14:00 - 18:00
  3. Where: No. 3, Section 1, Heping Rd., Taipei City
  4. Finals Details:
    • 30 qualified participants will meet at T-Space for the finals.
    • Every participant must do a 120 – 180-second performance, including introducing themselves and improvisation.
    • Before the finals, several topics will be posted on the event webpage. Participants must select one topic to use for the live performance.
      (The finals will be divided into three topics: Current Events, Life, Music)
  5. Selection Method/Results: A panel of judges consisting of tutorJr and ICRT personalities will score the results.
    (Emotional Impact 40%, Creative Presentation 30%, Pronunciation 20%, Meaningful Expression 10%)

  1. Awards:
    Participation Award: Participants will receive a one-on-one English Experience Course, one DJ broadcast experience, and a chance to win a NT$10,000 scholarship.
    Finals (Elementary School Group, Middle School Group):
    ① First place of each group will receive 35 classes with tutorJr, a tutorJr gift and a certificate
    ② Second place of each group will receive a tutorJr gift and a certificate
    ③ Third place of each group will receive a tutorJr gift and a certificate
  2. Champion Exclusive Activities
    • First place winner will co-host with an ICRT DJ at the Tianmu Halloween Party.
    • The winner will also co-host a show from T-Space with an ICRT DJ

  1. The main organizer will themselves or through a commissioned party film and record the events of this competition.
  2. On the day of the finals, the contestant must do a live performance. No pre-recorded material may be used, but the contestant may prepare audio necessary for the performance.
  3. If these rules are changed or amended, an announcement will be made on the main site. The organizer reserves the right to modify the final awards of this event.
  4. In order to preserve the performance standards of our prize winners, we reserve the right to change the winners list when necessary.
  5. The top three winners of each group will have a chance to become a brand ambassador.
  6. According to the Republic of China (Taiwan) Tax Law, if an award amount exceeds NT$1,000, winners shall complete the related winning receipts in accordance with the relevant regulations and provisions before receiving the prize amount. Award prizes worth more than NT$20,000 (including tax) shall be subject to a 10% withholding tax and winners must provide ID. If the winner isn’t willing to pay the tax, they forfeit their right to the prize.

  1. Customer service hotline: 02-8522-7733 ext. 800 Available Times: Mon. – Fri. 10:00 – 12:00; 13:00 - 18:00 (Unavailable on weekends and national holidays)
  2. Customer service e-mail: tutorjr@icrt.com.tw