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Hello ICRT Joseph Lin , request a birthday call out
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Posted on: 2011-12-21 00:56:29
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Hello ICRT Joseph Lin , request a birthday call out


Hello ICRT Joseph Lin :
My name is Shane I want to request a birthday call out for my friend and a song for her
on 28th Dec.
I listen to your program almost every day after work on my way home, your program bring me smile cuase
I can hear people give many wishes through this program, make a engagement, birthday wish, Annual
wedding wish... so on all the happiness on this program. It is so great.
Okay, Cindy is her name. We met each other when we were on a working holiday vacation in Australia last year. 
We both like learning English and traveling. we studied, worked and traveled toghter for around half year. 
We have been to many places in Aus, Sydney, Melbourne, Ayers rock, Carins, Brisbane...
It was so amazing ! So I wanna give her a surprise on her birthday.
And I wanna request the song "Wish you were here" by Arvil Lavigne dedicate to her
If you don't have this song could you play another song "Mad" by Ne-yo.
Could you call her around 7'clock pm Thanks a lot. : )
Her phone number is 0980593320
  Hey Cindy: 
  Happy birthday to you, today is your day. Remember last year I could not say " happy 
  birthday" to you in person, I sent a celebrating card to you instead. And this year a more specail
  way to say happy birthday to you. ~
  I have to say it was great time with you in that journey in Aus. It is a part of the most important
  time in my life. Even there were something bad and good.
  I will never forget all the memories we had in Australia.
  The only thing I regret is we could not did the skydiving with you in Carins.
  Hope you enjoy your work, life and eberthing, Happy birhtday. 
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