Investment Growth
A British bank says Taiwan's economic environment is well-poised to handle
increased foreign investment because of its strong fundamentals.

Standard Chartered Bank group executive director Jaspal Bindra said that"the
fundamental strength of Taiwan is still well known" and that the country is
ready for investment growth.

He said despite various challenges, such as retaining talented workers and
improving the business environment, Taiwan will likely find feasible
solutions in time amid an economic transition period.

Bindra made his comments during his opening speech at the Taiwan Economic

Peter Sands, group chief executive officer of Standard Chartered, said
during a panel discussion at the summit that many people underestimate the
strength and potential of Taiwan's economy.

Sands said the country is expected to see a shift in its economic
fundamentals, with many Taiwanese companies starting to focus investment
based on Asian consumer demand rather than relying heavily on Western

He suggested that Taiwanese firms allocate more resources to improving their
marketing and brand images.