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Game On! 08/06/10

eg | 06 August, 2010 14:43

Hi everyone, and welcome to Game On!, with me, Eric Gau.

Starcraft 2's been out for a week and a half now! How much have you guys been playing it. Unfortunately, with all my news duties, I haven't quite finished the normal campaign quite yet, though I'm only a few missions away. Of course, finishing the campaign on Normal mode is just part of the challenge, then you have to go back and beat it on Hard, plus get all the hard achievements! Or, if you're a glutton for punishment, you can try tackling the campaign on Insane or Brutal. Just remember, there's a reason those modes have those names! I haven't played too much multiplayer, just some cooperative games with friends. Plenty of achievements to get there too! Sometimes I wish I wasn't such an achievement junkie...

The next Civilization game is fast approaching. The fifth installment of the series is expected to be released on September 21st, just over a month away, and some gaming web sites have gotten their hands on a new demo build. It looks like all the classic Civ features are there, but the interface is more streamlined and easier to understand. A lot of new things have been introduced too. It looks like early exploration will be even more important than before, but you can tell units to auto-explore, so it won't be much of a chore. Civ 5 introduces city-states, basically one-city sides that you can ally with or conquer as you see fit...just make sure they haven't allied with a rival first before you attack! Alongside city-states are Natural Wonders, which grant bonus happiness to the first civilization that discovers them.  The old Cultural Victory rules have been changed with the introduction of Social Policies, which are basically tech trees for culture, and you research them with culture points instead of science. Combat-wise, the biggest change in Civ 5 is that you can no longer stack military units, each requires their own hex. This'll make you think much more strategically when you go on the warpath. Again look for Civ 5 in mid September, and be ready for many nights of 'just one more turn'.

Also in September, prepare for zombies on your lawn on the 360! Yes, Plants vs. Zombies is being ported to Xbox Live Arcade, and with some new features, it looks like. The new trailer showed a new co-op and versus mode, as well as the option to upgrade your house and visit neighbors. I really enjoyed Plants Vs. Zombies on the PC when it first came out last year on Steam, and I can easily recommend it to people who enjoy tower-defense style games.

If you missed Bayonetta when it first came out, you'll soon be getting a chance to buy it for cheap. They're re-releasing it as one of those 'greatest hits' games early next month, for less than it originally sold for. No new content though, so if you've got it already, you don't need to look at the new version.

That's it for this week. Remember to look for the Game On! Facebook page for more links, videos and other goodies. It's linked to the main ICRT facebook page in the lower left, I think. I'm Eric Gau, and until next time, Game On!

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