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Gam On! 06/04/10

eg | 04 June, 2010 14:51

Hi everyone, and welcome to Game On!

Guess I haven't played Modern Warfare 2 in too long...a map pack dropped while I wasn't paying attention. On Thursday, a new 5-map pack called Resurgence came out. Like the Stimulus pack from a few months ago, it once again contains five multiplayer maps, three new, two recycled from the first Modern Warfare. And again like Stimulus, it's priced at 1200 Microsoft points, or about 15 bucks US, 500 NT. I never got the first pack, and won't be getting the second either. Pretty much done with Modern Warfare multiplayer, even though I never hit level 70, even for the first time. Still, I know a lot of people are still shooting it up each night, this may liven up their games even further. So far, Resurgence is only available for the 360, PC and PS3 versions will be out some point in the future.

For fans of Red Dead Redemption, which came out a few weeks ago and which I believe is still sold out island wide, free content is coming your way. Rockstar has announced the "Outlaws To The End" Co-op mission pack, which should be available on the 22nd. Lots of free goodies in this one...six new co-op missions and challenges, plus new achievements/trophies, and bonus multiplayer XP award. The mission pack will be released simultaneously for both the 360 and the PS3, plus Rockstar says they're going to do a game update later in the week to fix some multiplayer bugs and stuff.

There may be something new in the works for the Assassin's Creed series. A new image available at www.ubiworkshop.com shows what looks like an Egypt-based Assassin. We don't know whether this will be a new game or what, but Ubisoft has confirmed this tease is not related to the upcoming Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood game. As for Brotherhood, which will include a new single-player campaign featuring Ezio of number 2 plus a new multiplayer mode, it's still slated for a Q4 release, no specifics yet.

That's it for this edition of Game On! You can follow me on Facebook, with the Game On page linked at the bottom left of the ICRT fan page. I'll be posting links, videos, and photos there whenever I see something interesting!

Until next time, Game On!

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