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Game On! 01/29/10

eg | 25 February, 2010 16:03

Hey everyone, and welcome to the inaugural edition of Game On, where I, Eric Gau, will be bringing you news and info about the world of video gaming.

First up, the sci-fi shooter-rpg sequel Mass Effect 2, 中文叫'質量效應二"  dropped on Tuesday, for the PC and the 360.

The new game follows soon after the events of the original, and features most of the same voice talent for the major characters.

If you finished the original Mass Effect, you can import your character and get some bonus xp and money and stuff.

There's already some downloadable content available, like a mission area and gear.

I've logged several hours on the game so far, done the first couple missions, and I'm quite enjoying it.


For fighting game afficionados, a new one also released on Tuesday, for the Wii.

Tatsunoko Versus Capcom: Ultimate All-stars is the lastest in the highly-acclaimed Capcom Versus series, and this time pairs off Capcom fighters with anime characters from the Japanese anime company Tatsunoko, which is behind series like Yatterman, Gatchaman, and Gold Lightan.

The roster features characters from those series and others, while on the Capcom side, we'll have fighting staples like Ryu and Morrigan, as well as new characters like Dead Rising's Frank West, Zero from the Megaman X games, and Viewtiful Joe!


One of last year's biggest hits, Resident Evil 5, is going to get some DLC in the coming months.

The two episodes, called Lost in Nightmares and Desperate Escape, will be out for download first, before being bundled in with the Gold Edition that'll come out eventually.

The downloads should be available next month, and the gold edition in March.


And finally, for fans of the Dragon Quest games, Square-Enix is making good on its promise to open a theme restaurant based on the series in Tokyo.

Called Luida's Bar, it opened on Thursday in Tokyo's Roppongi district, and features waitresses in DQ cosplay costumes, as well as game-themed food like Slime buns and turkey legs with the game logo on them.

Check it out if you're in the area!

That's it for this edition. Thanks for tuning in! I'm Eric Gau and I'll be back next week with more updates. Until then, game on!





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