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hold out 拖延,拒絕屈服,撐下去

jane | 29 October, 2010 16:25

hold out 拖延,拒絕屈服,撐下去

1)The defenders held out for weeks.  2) We must hurry; the miners can not hold out much longer. 

Hundreds of displaced residents have crammed a small government building in Yogyakarta. Many had fled with only the clothes on their backs.Some residents refused to flee, holding out to watch over their crops and livestock. Some residents awaited word from the traditional gatekeeper of Mount Merapi. But Maradjin, the gatekeeper, fell victim to the volcano as well. 

數以百計被迫離開家園的印尼人擠在Yogyakarta地方政府大樓裡,很多人除了身上衣服外別無任何東西. 有的居民拒絕逃命,堅持留守照看農作物和牲畜.有的人則在等待該火山的傳統守山人給予指示.但是這名守山人已經在火山爆發中罹難.


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blackout 全面封鎖,大停電,昏倒

jane | 12 October, 2010 15:43

blackout  大停電,昏倒,全面封鎖 

(Dictionary.com) (1) a period during a massive power failure when the lack of electricity for illumination results in utter darkness except from emergency sources, as candles. (2) temporary loss of consciousness or vision: She suffered a blackout from the blow on the head. (3) a stoppage, suppression, or obliteration: a news blackout.     

1) The Chinese government has described Mr. Liu’s award as “blasphemy” and has imposed a blackout on news about it. 中國政府用褻瀆二字描述劉先生的獲獎,並且全面封鎖此新聞.  

2) Heavy rain, lightning and strong winds caused blackouts that left nearly a third of Brazilians — 60 million people — in the dark.



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growing pains 生長痛,發展初期的難題

jane | 01 October, 2010 14:23

 growing pains 生長痛, 個人或是企業在發展初期遇到的困難 (Dictionary.com) difficulties attending any new project or any rapid development of an existing project Ex: a city plagued with growing pains

1) Grown-Ups with Growing Pains  成年人的生長痛 

2) Successes and Some Growing Pains at Hulu  [呼魯]的成功與難題Hulu, the popular and free online video hub, has some things to celebrate as it heads into its third year.  很受歡迎的免費影片網站[呼魯],進入第三年就頗有可慶祝之事.  

3) Some columnists have been arguing that hockey ought to institute a mercy rule. Others would prefer to eliminate women’s hockey from the Olympics until the level of competition improves. But mismatches are like growing pains; they are almost inevitable in a young and developing sport. 有的專欄作家主張曲棍球應該要有仁慈條款(也就是比數太懸殊時比賽提早結束),也有人認為除非女子曲棍球提高水準,應該把這個項目從奧運中剔除.但是強弱差很多的比賽就跟生長痛一樣,是一個發展中的新興運動無法避免的.

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shock waves 震波,震撼

jane | 17 September, 2010 15:09

shock waves 震波(通常是爆炸引起),某個重大事件之後的連串影響

1) When the directors of Hungary’s last remaining coal-fired power plant announced that they would close the coal mine and begin dismantling the plant at the end of this year, the news sent shock waves through this weathered industrial city, where a statue of three miners stands in the square.匈牙利碩果僅存的火力發電廠日昨宣布關閉煤礦,同時會在今年底拆除電廠.消息一出,電廠所在的工業城大受震撼,這個城市的中央廣場還矗立著三名礦工的銅像. 

2) Coast Guard Exercise Sends Shockwaves Through D.C.  海岸防衛隊震撼美國首府

The U.S. Coast Guard pledged this morning to conduct “a thorough review” of a security exercise on the Potomac River that set off a brief panic after media outlets mistakenly reported that shots were fired. 美國海岸防衛隊誓言要徹底調查波多馬克河安全演習事件,此事件引發大眾恐慌,因為媒體誤報有人開槍.  

3) NY Times preparing for paperless future紐約時報準備無紙未來 

Maybe this was obvious, but the publisher of the New York Times has nonetheless sent a shock wave through the media industry by predicting the demise of the print version of the grey old lady.也許這個趨勢很明顯,但是當紐約時報說紙本的報紙就快全面退位時,對媒體業仍然是個震撼彈.



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shortcoming 缺點,缺失

jane | 27 August, 2010 15:13

shortcoming 缺點 缺失a failure, defect, or deficiency in conduct, condition, thought, ability, etc 

1) Despite all his shortcomings, he makes a good friend. 儘管他有那些缺點,他還是可以做好朋友.

2) The police commander in the Philippine capital of Manila, Leocadio Santiago, has admitted that mistakes were made. "We saw some obvious shortcomings in terms of capability and tactics used, or the procedure employed and we are now going to investigate this," he told a local television station. 菲律賓首都馬尼拉警察首長桑提亞哥承認他們確實有犯錯.他告訴電視新聞台說:[我們在能力跟戰術運用上,以及整個過程方面都看到明顯的缺失,並且正在展開調查.] 

3) A recent column in the New York Times' Technology section highlights the shortcomings of Google Voice's voicemail transcription service.最近紐約時報的科技專欄特別指出 [Google留言] 裡面,語音信箱轉成文字這項服務的缺點.

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