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play down 淡化處理,表現得不在意

jane | 10 January, 2011 12:32

play down 淡化,表現出不在意 

1) The US is playing down pictures that appear to show a working prototype of a Chinese stealth aircraft, invisible to radar.The images - first published on websites - show what looks like a stealth fighter on a taxi run. Beijing has not commented on whether the pictures - published ahead of US Defence Secretary Robert Gates' visit later this week - are genuine. 美國淡化處理一架原型中國隱形戰機的照片,這些照片最先出現在網站上,看起來就像一架隱形飛機在跑道上前進.北京方面並沒有對這些照片發表任何聲明,不過它公佈的時間卻恰好在美國國防部長蓋茲本週中國行之前.  

2) China's defence minister has sought to play down the country's military build-up, after talks with US counterpart Robert Gates in Beijing. Liang Guanglie insisted China posed no threat and was decades behind nations with more advanced technology.中國國防部長粱光烈在跟美國防部長蓋茲會談之後,努力淡化中國的軍事擴張,他說中國對於他國並不構成威脅,因為中國落後其他技術先進國家好幾十年.


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on the same page 同調,往同一個方向考慮事情,不是雞同鴨講

jane | 27 December, 2010 15:00

on the same page on the same page 往同一個方向考慮事情,不是雞同鴨講,往同一個方向考慮事情,不是雞同鴨講

have the same understanding or amount of knowledge. (As if people were reading from the same page.)  

Example: We're not on the same page. Listen carefully to what I am telling you.  

1) Few debates have strained relations between the United States and China more this year than how to handle an unruly North Korea. But after a tense week, when the threat of war hung over the Korean Peninsula, the Obama administration and Beijing seem finally to be on the same page.很少有爭議像北韓這樣,讓美國和中國關係如此緊繃.整整一個星期,朝鮮半島的戰爭似乎一觸即發,不過現在美國歐巴馬政府跟北京終於不再是各吹各的調了.  

2) How to get scientists and policymakers to be on the same page on climate change  該如何讓科學家和政策專家在氣候變遷這個議題上同調


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orchestrate 精心策劃,安排

jane | 15 December, 2010 14:21

orchestrate 精心策劃,安排  

to arrange or manipulate, esp. by means of clever or thorough planning or maneuvering: to orchestrate a profitable trade agreement.


1) Speaking to reporters in Taipei yesterday, Henry Lee said he would be happy to help police conduct forensic work related to the case. He said such a probe would not constitute a criminal investigation and would not be linked to politics.

 He also played down reporters questions about the shooting being orchestrated, saying it is possible for a person to recover quickly from non-fatal gunshot wounds. 李昌鈺昨天告訴媒體,他願意協助(連勝文)此案的鑑識工作,他說他不會介入刑事調查,也跟政治扯不上關係. 他也說連的槍傷恢復快,不代表自導自演. 

2) CNN and YouTube are going to orchestrate a U.S. presidential debate in unprecedented format come July 23rd.  有線電視新聞網和YouTube將共同安排一次前所未見的美國總統候選人辯論.


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black eye 丟臉,不名譽

jane | 30 November, 2010 16:00

black eye丟臉,不名譽a mark of shame, dishonor ; or damaged reputation

For example: 1) These slums are a black eye to our city. 2)Your behavior will give your family a black eye.  

The WikiLeaks website, which revealed tons of U.S. diplomatic secrets, is giving the U.S. government a black eye. [維基解密]網站透露許多美國外交秘辛,對美國政府來說是個傷害(好像挨了一拳,有了黑眼圈) 

Madoff mess: Another black eye for banks (2008, Fortune)

Although Citigroup and other big U.S. banks haven't been hit in the Madoff scandal so far, this is another example of the sorry state of the financial industry.  馬多夫案: 對銀行再一記重擊



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twists and turns 曲折,迂迴,枝枝節節

jane | 18 November, 2010 15:22

twists and turns曲折,迂迴,枝枝節節

Eg.  The road twists and turns up the side of the mountain. 這條路沿著山坡蜿蜒向山上走.  

1) As far as the U.S. economy is concerned, I have always believed that it is solidly based.  The U.S. has the strength of scientific and technological talent and managerial expertise. In spite of the twists and turns, the U.S., I believe, will tide over the crisis. 關於美國經濟,我一直相信它基礎穩固.美國也擁有科技人才以及管理專業能力.我相信就算[復甦之路]有些曲折,美國也會安度難關. 

2) The BBC secured English and Swahili commentary rights from Fifa for this World Cup and has been broadcasting live commentary - in the two languages - on FM relays across Africa. BBC said, “the BBC will be reporting and celebrating every twist and turn of the World Cup with our audiences across sub-Saharan Africa." (2010 July)英國廣播公司已從足球協會獲得本屆世界盃足球賽的英語以及斯瓦希利語廣播權,並且已經開始在非洲用此二種語言播放現場實況.BBC說該台將會播報世界盃比賽的所有細節(變化),非洲撒哈拉沙漠以南的聽眾都可以收聽.


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