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back-up system備用系統; backup 支援,輔助,預備

jane | 23 March, 2011 16:41

back-up system備用系統   backup支援,輔助,預備 


1.(of a person, plan, device, etc.) held in reserve as a substitute if needed: a backup driver; a backup generator. 2. performing a secondary or supporting function: A drummer and guitarist are the singer's backup musicians.  

也可當名詞: You need the right software to do a backup for your computer.



1)      A nuclear plant in Japan is said to declare a state of emergency, as backup power used to cool three reactors runs low. “I want to know why the back-up diesel engines were on low ground where they could be flooded,” said Robert Socolow, an atomic physicist.根據報導,日本一處核能發電廠宣布進入緊急狀態,因為它用來冷卻三座核反應爐的備用電力不足.一名核子物理學家說: [我想知道為什麼備用柴油發電機會設置在可能遭水淹的低地.]     

2) The Northwest's single nuclear-power plant is the same general type as those stricken in Japan, but it has more backup systems and is more than a decade newer, utility officials say.  官員表示,美國西北地區唯一的核能發電廠跟日本福島的電廠是同一類型,不過它的備用系統更多,並且跟日本相比,這座電廠也新了十幾年.


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olive branch 橄欖枝,和平象徵 any token of peace

jane | 10 March, 2011 16:22

olive branch 橄欖枝,和平象徵 any token of peace

1) Taiwan spat eases after Philippine olive branch

菲釋善意,台菲爭執化解 Taiwan partially eased punitive measures against the Philippines Wednesday after Manila sacked officials involved in the deportation of Taiwanese nationals to China.菲律賓政府撤換涉及台籍人士被遣送大陸的官員,台灣因此宣佈放寬部分對於菲勞來台的限制. 

2) The government is pondering on the question of whether to extend an olive branch to the opposition forces.政府正在思考是否要對反對軍放出求和訊息.


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rebellion, revolt, uprising 反叛,叛變,叛亂,造反

jane | 21 February, 2011 15:01

rebellion, revolt, uprising 反叛,叛變,叛亂,造反 

1. to break away from or rise against constituted authority, as by open rebellion; open, organized, and armed resistance to one's government or ruler.

2. resistance to or defiance of any authority, control, or tradition.   


1) A five-day-old uprising in Libya took control of its second-largest city of Benghazi.    利比亞五天的動亂以來(反對者)已經控制該國第二大城班加其. 

2) In a rambling, disjointed address delivered on Monday, the son, Seif al-Islam el-Qaddafi, played down the uprising sweeping the country.   格達費的兒子周一發表漫無重點,毫無組織的電視談話,淡化該國風起雲湧的叛亂活動. 

3) The revolt in Libya is the latest and bloodiest turn in the rebellion across the Arab world that seemed unthinkable just two months ago.    阿拉伯世界的叛變兩個月之前還無法想像,利比亞的反叛是最近一樁,也是最血腥的.

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step down 下臺, 辭職; to let go of one's authority or control; resign

jane | 11 February, 2011 16:51

step down 下臺, 辭職 to let go of one's authority or control; resign 

Example: Although he was past retirement age, he refused to step down and let his son take over the business. 

This was the third time that President Mubarak has disappointed anti-government protesters since this uprising began by refusing to step down. 穆巴拉克總統拒絕下臺,這是從示威開始以來他第三次讓反政府抗議者失望.

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shakeup, reshuffle 改組,人事重組;a reorganization, particularly in the government

jane | 25 January, 2011 14:35

shakeup, reshuffle人事重組,改組a reorganization, particularly in the government

1) Bolivian President Evo Morales kept on 17 of his 20 ministers and replaced three in a Cabinet shakeup Sunday, the state-run ABI news agency reported.玻利維亞官方新聞社報導,玻利維亞總統重組內閣,二十名閣員當中十七名留任,另外三名遭到替換. 

2) The Japanese prime minister on Friday reshuffled his Cabinet to strengthen his political base in the government, but the change remains minor.日本首相星期五宣布改組內閣,以加強他對政府的權力掌控,不過這項改組幅度不大. 


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