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take in stride

jane | 13 July, 2007 17:50

Speaking to reporters ... DPP presidential candidate Frank Xie said that everything he did during his tenure as Gao-xiong mayor was legal and that he will take the prosecutorial investigations in his stride.

take in stride : 泰然自若的面對,  成功地應付

She was able to take her sudden rise to fame in stride.

The Irish people are taking smoking ban in stride. Many people have been surprised about how quickly the Irish shave adapted to the change and how easily they were persuaded to say goodbye to the traditionally smoky pub.

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tropical depression, tropical storm, typhoon, super typhoon

jane | 11 July, 2007 17:17

Tropical storm Man-Yi, gained strength to become a typhoon early this morning, although the Central Weather Bureau says it may turn north in the following two days, sparing Taiwan.


tropical depression : 熱帶性低氣壓

tropical storm : 輕度颱風

typhoon : 中度颱風

super typhoon : 強烈颱風

But in the Atlantic Ocean, typhoons are called hurricanes, like Hurricane Katrina that attacked New Orleans in 2005.

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step up

jane | 06 July, 2007 17:31

The Ministry of Justice says it has stepped up a campaign against vote-buying and election-related violence months ahead the next presidential and legislative elections.

step up : 加強, 增加

China's Internet police have stepped up fight against hackers.

They have to step up production in order to meet the demand from fervent fans.

Airports nationwide are stepping up security measures after a terrorist threat.

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toll, take a tool on

jane | 04 July, 2007 17:11

A just released report by on of the island's top research institutes says environmental degradation in China could take an economic toll on Taiwanese businesses operating there.

toll : 通行税, 過路費

Electronic Toll Collection 台灣高速公路電子收費系統 (ETC)

All Taiwan's expressways will be toll-free between midnight and 6:00 A.M.

Just call the toll-free number of 0800-660123 and there will be people helping you.

Take a toll on : (造成) 損失, 犧牲

Experts say school bullies can take a toll on a child's mental health.

Global warming is expected to take a servere toll on North America's timber industry.

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cave in, lift the ban

jane | 02 July, 2007 16:02

Lawmakers with the People First Party today criticized a government decision to resume Canadian beef imports, saying Taiwan caved in to pressure from either the government there or special interest groups to lift the ban.

cave in : 屈服, 崩塌

lift the ban : 解除禁令

Some media outlets were known to quietly cave in to pressure and accommodate government demands.

The road caved in because of torrential rain.

The U.S. has lifted the embargo on food and medicine sales to the communist island nation, Cuba.

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