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Most Popular Band Vote
Which band’s music grabs you?

Cast your vote and support your favorite band August 12-26!

Vote and you get a free 14-day trial account on myMusic, plus a chance at other limited prizes!

*Prize: Dining coupons at five-star hotels, High-quality earphones, Water park entrance tickets.
*Note: The band chosen as the favorite will receive instruments worth over NT$10,000!

Winner List

  Votes Received: 172

Band: 吉那罐子樂團 Gina"s Can

Gina"s Can plays music from the genres of funk, folk, acoustic, fusion jazz, and more. They are inspired by great musicians like Earth, Wind and Fire and Kool and the Gang.
    Votes Received: 303

Band: Pharos

Formed by Wesley (vocals/guitar), Clayton (guitar/vocals), Peter (bass) and Unicorn (drums) in September 2013, these four people from different backgrounds get together in Damshui to play alternative rock music. We hope our music can provide direction for those who are lost in the darkness…
  Votes Received: 166

Band: 好有Fu How You Fu

How You Fu was formed in spring of 2010, and their creative style encompasses Britpop, Post Rock, Folk, Disco, Dream pop, Electropop, Alternative Rock, and Ambient.
    Votes Received: 149

Band: 光•樂團 KyRa RAY

KyRa Ray was formed in 2012 by lead singer Kyra, bass player Reven, drummer Andrew, and guitarist Yang. Their style mixes pop, pop rock, folk, alternative, and unplugged.
  Votes Received: 189

Band: 大聲東 Orientone

This four-member group met up in 2012, with two on the synthesizer, and one each on bass and drums. The group combines rock and electronica and mixes traditional eastern music with modern western dance styles.
    Votes Received: 236

Band: 黑膠上將 General Vinyl

General Vinyl was formed this June, and they'd be happy to rock!
  Votes Received: 160


IRON PUNCH was formed in spring 2013 by four members from Tainan, playing funk, alternative, blues, and pop.
    Votes Received: 151

Band: 欣蒂跌了一跤 Cindy is falling

This indie group came together in 2012, and their music features heavy beats and electronica elements, plus lead singer Cindy's explosive voice.
  Votes Received: 218

Band: 靈魂星 Soulstar

Formed in 2013, Soulstar mainly plays R&B, with some Jazz, Funk, and Hip-hop Rap mixed in.
    Votes Received: 162

Band: 紫外線 Ultraviolet

Ultraviolet was formed in 2011 with lead singer Ashe, guitarist 維尼, keyboardist Emma, Bass/Pipa Armitage, and drummer 桿子. They started off playing rock and metal music, but are now working to create their own new experimental style.
  Votes Received: 159

Band: 絲木 Silkwood

Silkwood, founded in 2011, is a fusion, acid jazz band composed of five musical artists. We hoping our performances help listeners free their minds and connect with friends and with the music.
    Votes Received: 200

Band: 胡桃鉗 Nutcracker

Nutcracker started in 2011 with just the singer and guitarist, then added a bassist, drummer, and keyboardist. They've performed at the Hohaiyan Rock Festival, and at Taipei live houses like Roxy Rocker and Revolver.

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