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Guess the Winner and Win a Prize

Period: 8/15 ~ 8/24
Get a prize for listening to music! From August 15th to August 24th,
listen to the following sample from each of the six competing bands!
Cast your vote and leave your contact info for a chance to win a coupon for a five-star hotel!

  Votes Received: 180

Band Name: ha-Aretz 應許之地
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When six students from across Taiwan met while studying in Taichung, the band ha-Aretz was born. The band members pour their zeal for life into their music, with the goal of bringing hope to our lives.

    Votes Received: 225

Band Name: The Reid
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The Reid formed in 2008. The group performs in the style of great artists like Ben Harper, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen. Their songs are very well crafted, and their use of vocal harmony is reminiscent of The Beatles. They have released an album.

  Votes Received: 140

Band Name: Flux
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Flux is a Taiwanese Indietronica band mostly active in Taipei. Flux devotes itself to mixing rock music with electro elements taken from House, Trance, and drum & bass, making its music highly danceable. Our lyrics cover topics from everyday life to nonsense fantasy. Don't think too much, just rock & dance with us.

    Votes Received: 131

Band Name: Mr. Loud Who Chance 三十萬年老虎鉗
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The five-member band Mr. Loud Who Chance builds its musical style on a foundation of old school American rock n’ roll -- which they then infuse with elements of blues, country, funk and other genres.

  Votes Received: 164

Band Name: The Arc 弧樂團
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The Arc is a six-man band from Kaohsiung. Formed in September 2012, we initially played cover songs, but soon began writing their own material, letting listeners get in touch with the spirit of the band's music. Like the arc, the ever-changing music scene has no right angle. We are "The Arc".

    Votes Received: 133

Band Name: Electric Monk
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Electric Monk is the music of Brent and Kyle Scheihagen. They've been writing songs for a long time now with music that spans a variety of genres including rock, punk, country and blues, among others. Greg Tackett and Ed Schaefer provide both color and muscle to Electric Monk's sound.

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Voting has ended. Don't forget to join us at Huashan 1914 Creative Park on 9/1 for the Final Round!